This is the home of In The Running. 

We are both a Running and Triathlon Club, and also a Running and Triathlon Coaching business based in Kempsey, Worcestershire.

Our mission is to help people from all walks of life fall in love with and become better at running and triathlon.

Coaching packages


£75 p/m

✅ In-depth goal-setting consultation for setting goals and specific milestones en route

✅ Triathlon or Run-Only plans available

✅ Personalised training plan built weekly around your calendar, running progress and feedback

✅ Unlimited plan adjustments and tweaks

✅ Unlimited comms via phone/email/WhatsApp

✅ Daily feedback after each workout

✅Weekly 1:1 coaching call to discuss plan ahead and review progress

✅ Access to ITR accountability and support group

✅ Structured workouts set to pace/HR/power/RPE

✅ Mindset Coaching

✅ Run-specific Strength guide that dovetails with run plan

✅ TrainingPeaks Premium Account

⬆️ Optional Stryd footpod to unlock benefits of running with power data [+£10]


£44 p/m

✅ Both Triathlon or Run Only plans available

✅ Initial consultation for goal setting

✅ Bespoke training plan specific to your running goal, and desired metrics (Pace/HR/RPE/Power), delivered in 4-week blocks

✅ 1:1 Coach Call every 4-weeks to review and adjust plan based on your progress and feedback.

✅ Access to ITR accountability and support group

✅ Run-specific Strength guide that dovetails with run plan

Not ready for full-time coaching?

Try 8-weeks for £60


Need help starting out?

The ITR KICKSTARTER programs are focussed on helping YOU fall in love with running.

 8-weeks access to ITR accountability and support WhatsApp group

Access to weekly ITR Video Meetings with Head Coach

Run-specific Strength guide that dovetails with run plan


Whether you’re a complete newbie, someone who has just completed their first 5k or someone looking to rekindle their love for running, we offer three levels to suit where you’re starting from:

1) START ME UP: Aimed at non-runners and beginners. Gentle progressive combination of running/walking, with the goal of being able to run comfortably for 30min uninterrupted by the end of the 8-weeks.

2) BUILD ME UP: For those who can already run for 30min or 5km, but would like to make it to 60min or 10km with guidance and support.

3) SPEED ME UP: For runners who can already comfortably run 60min and would like to improve their 5km ParkRun or 10km time.

New group starts on the first Monday of every month

Join Our Club


£30 per year

(Don’t want to commit? Join for £5 per month instead)

✅ Become part of the Team ITR friendly and supportive community

✅ Race in Team ITR Kit

✅ Get invited to club training, social events and races

✅ Discount off Affiliation with British Triathlon

Come and Run with Us!

In The Running is a registered RunTogether Group.

These are FREE Social Runs based in Kempsey, and lead by head coach George.

Every couple of months we’ll stop for a post-run drink at a local pub too.

For more details about how to join, click the link below to go: