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Team ITR

Welcome to In The Running.

We’re a Running and Triathlon Club based in Worcestershire.

Our goal is to provide opportunity, support and coaching to athletes of any ability who are interested in triathlon or running.

Team ITR is a small but friendly community club whose coaching staff specialise in running technique, running fitness and mental toughness through a range of options including group sessions, one-to-one coaching and personalised training plans.

Whether you’re a total novice looking to start running as a way to improve your physical and mental health, or already a decent runner who wants to set a personal best in your next race, we can help you achieve your goals.

Running Technique


Good running technique forms the foundation on which we build speed and endurance to run faster.

We use a combination of coach-supported running sessions and video analysis to identify where inefficiencies running styles lie.

Through breaking down and re-learning relevant fundamental movements individual to you, we re-program the body to be more efficient, more durable and thus more resilient to the rigours of building endurance and speed required to achieve the desired performance.

Training Plans

Personalised training plans tailored to your ability and fitness and built around your lifestyle and commitments.

Structured workouts planned in TrainingPeaks™ that sync directly to your Garmin™ sports watch  so you always know what your running coach has planned for you.

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